Come on, Play

I have been struggling over the past few days, trying to think about things enjoyable, erotic, life affirming and fun.  Unfortunately, I have also been doing a lot of reading about how homosexual Drs. and Nurses will infect your children with the GAY disease, Amber ColeOccupy Wall Street, Mississippi “personhoodanti-abortion laws, The Perry’s tax plans (Large corporations can continue paying $0, and the poor, who now pay $0 can please pay 20%) and the Republican Candidates who know so much about women.  Hard to remain upbeat.

But then I saw this.  Though it is a somewhat studied presentation, it is about…play, having fun, enjoying life.  This video is about half an hour long, but it is definitely worth it.  You might even look at the other videos listed on that page.  Play.  What a wonderful occupation, interacting with another human being for your mutual enjoyment, nothing more.  Well, me being me, it sounds a lot like sex.  Play, try it.  Even in the toughest of times, it can bring a smile to your lips.

The Eroticist

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