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Been a hard week, as those who read consistently will know.  So my comments today will be short.  This is posted on the weekend which I usually avoid, but I have missed a lot of days this week.

I am still impressed with the video by Stuart Brown.  So I thought I would hand out some Cosmo-esque sites to get the thought process going.  You can look here, here, here, here and here.

In my search, I was dissapointed.  I found most of the games mentioned rather…well, tame.  I don’t mean that contemplating cell popping is where you should start, but I did think that something more than Truth or Dare might be in order.

There was one mention of “Be My Slave” which I thought had potential.  Obviously you will remember that everyone has a right to say No, and negotiation might be in order.  “Naked Twister” had some interest as well.  But how about something like, “Move and I Stop” where you get to do anything to your partner and they must stay still or you will stop.  Now obviously you will want to do something that they will wish you continue but might prompt them to move in some way.  If they DO move, then you stop and they have to do something to you.

There is a dinner game I mentioned previously.  Then perhaps a challenge.  Strip your partner totally naked and manipulate them to climax while they are standing in front of a window.  Now you can do that at home in front of your picture window, but I might suggest doing it perhaps in a hotel, maybe on the 20th floor.  Gives the feeling of exposure with a little more anonymity.

I would love suggestions from readers.  I promise to post all that seem healthy and affirming.

The Eroticist


  1. If you’re of the opinion that Truth or Dare is tame, you might not yet have played it in sufficiently sadistic/kinky company. In my mind, though, when it comes to games, nothing beats a good roleplay.

    I’m Red riding hood and I’ve been sent to bring a basket of goodies to the Big, Bad Wolf. I’m a wickedly strict trainer from Laura Antoniou’s marketplace, and you’re a new spot, hoping for a spot in my next training session. We’re both convicts who’s been given the opportunity for a reprieve, but only one of us, whomever wins a thunderdome-style faceoff, in kinky-sexy takedown fashion.

    It can work as foreplay, too: We plan on playing together on Saturday, and so I send you a text message, or an email. In it I describe the beginning of a scenario, and you write back to me, letting me know what happens next, etc.. until we’ve worked together to write a deliciously wicked story and gotten each other all hot and bothered so much we can barely wait to devour each other once we meet!

    Then again, subtle little power play games ( are also fun!

    • I freely admit, Truth or Dare came into my consciousness through my children. Because of that, I did/do not have much personal experience. Games of that ilk were FAR tamer in my youth and I may not have a true appreciation of the complexities and/or sadistic nature of the game.
      I remember a party game much like “telephone” except written down on one of those roles of paper constructed such that you could only see the last, say 5 or 10 words. The more words seen the more lucid the result. You had to add a word that sounded logical with the others and then hide the first word and pass it on. I don’t really know how this fits at all with the previous discussion, but it came to mind.
      I LOVE the idea of the email negotiation. Much like cyber sex with a balloon payment.

      The Eroticist

      • A friend of mine, a few years back, decided to throw an all-women, all-kinky-folk sleepover party, with all the fabulous party games of our youth, modified and improved upon to be wicked, kinky fun. Let me tell you, THAT game of truth or dare was certainly nowhere close to tame!

        I’ve never heard of this “telephone” game, I’d like to try it some time. Words are my biggest kink! (bedtime stories as foreplay, yes please!!!!)

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