The day of Needles

I have sat here most of the day and tried to get my mind to some erotic subject matter of value.  With the title I choose, I am sure many people will imagine play forms requiring alcohol swabs and latex gloves (watch those with allergies).  But the mind is blank.  I am doing nothing of erotic value other than looking at many of my favorite blogs, reading a lovely PDF (thank you, Clarisse) and perhaps gazing at truly lovely photos.

The truth is I got my flu shot and my pneumonia vacine yesterday, my shoulders hurt a LOT, I did not sleep well, and my stomach is telling me that food is really not that happy making.

So today, I wish you all well and hope you can find something or someone beautiful to meet your gaze,  listen to something as lovely as Pachelbel’s Canon in D, have someone make you a warm bowl of soup, and serve it to you with grace, a loving smile, a brush on the cheek and a slow kiss on the lips.

The Eroticist

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