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At the time of this writing I am 64 years old.  (Strains of the Beatles waft through my mind.)  I come from the upper-class relatively conservative background of a northern, lakeside suburb of Chicago.  I am intelligent and well educated, married for over 30 years with two healthy and well adjusted boys in their 20s.

I have also felt an overwhelming hole in my life.  The resolution and filling of that hole has taken me though a path of mistakes, guilt, self examination, deep pain, and therapy, resulting in becoming, for the last twenty years, deeply involved in the KINK Community.  Now I teach and do presentations throughout the South Western United States speaking on a number of issues involving that joyous and frightening conundrum of human life called SEX.

Through the encouragement of many significant people in my life and the acceptance that I am an opinionated SOB, I have been encouraged to begin expressing myself in in a blog.

I am a strongly heterosexual male with the requisite few homosexual experiences.  I am a PROFOUND appreciator of women and the passion possible within them.  I feel that appropriate, negotiated sexual expression between consenting adults is not only our God given RIGHT, but an obligatory expression between people for whom we share an abiding love.  And yes, I believe in God and am confident in the love God holds for me.

While my speech will reflect my het leanings, what I say is in no way directed exclusively to the heterosexual community.  I believe it applies equally to relationships within the gay, lesbian, transgender and poly communities.  Find what you like and use it.  That is why it is there.

I thank you for coming to listen and comment.  It is a dialog.  I am here to express my thoughts and learn.

The Eroticist


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