I am sitting at my computer watching ground squirrels run back and forth by the windows behind my screen and hoping that the coyotes come back.  They make meals out of small minded little rodents.

I am thinking about the …

The Chancellor’s Add

I have just read about David Lee, the former chancellor of the University of Northern Virginia.  He resigned recently.  You see the University of Northern Virginia, unfortunately, was under investigation for possible Visa violations (the endorsement on a passport, not …

H.R. 1981, How our Children are being used to create Big Brother

I would ask you all to do a little research on H.R. 1981 and see if you feel as threatened as I do by its possible passage.  I include some informative links.

The Eroticist

What I Really Want!

I think it is important to note here that while it is good and important to express what it is you want, that is not necessarily what it is you need.  This concept will often arise when someone is the …

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