The Chicken Sees

Many years ago I was told a Zen tale about a Master who gave each of three students a chicken and told them to butcher the chicken where no one sees.  Well, obviously, knowing Zen tales and the title of this post, one came back with a live chicken and said, “Wherever I go, the chicken sees.”

So, what does that have to do with being a Master, eroticism, and human sexual life?  How many times have you been asked or told or tried yourself to forget about some aspect of your sexuality?   Just don’t look.  Is it being gay or lesbian?  Do you like to be bound and helpless?  Do you like to spank, hit, pinch, twist, or bite your lover?  Do you feel yourself to be of the opposite sex?  Are you excited by being called a whore, slut, worm, pansy, pointless piece of…?  Do you just want to sit naked on the floor and worship someone to whom you have given all authority?

You can run.  You can hide. You can deny, excuse, explain, or just be silent.  You can live a life of celibacy as a Catholic Priest (that worked).  You can not ask, and not tell, as thousands of young people putting their life at stake for the society that asks that of them, and you can be sure not to marry.

But, as the good Dr. Phil asks, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

I lived a life for decades where I could easily change how I dressed for the others in my life, what movies I went to, books I read, TV I watched, concerts, furniture, paintings and subjects I discussed.  I fought diligently to change what got me hard, but that never worked.  I could not even find the road to being happy……..until I accepted who I was.  I haven’t reached the end and don’t really think that is possible, but the road looks a lot better.  It all depends on who’s looking.

The Eroticist

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