The practical, caring and sensitive cure

“Good afternoon, ah, Stanton”

“Stan is fine.”

“Well, Stan, what can I do for you?”

“Well, ah, I have been having some difficulty lately, you know, fitting in.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, I, ah, it seems, well, I think I must be…….well……tall.”

“Really?  Why do you believe that?”

“I just don’t fit in.  I don’t fit right in most of the world.  I find myself attracted to, well, tall people, I just don’t get excited by, you know, normal people.”

“My poor boy, I understand your pain.  This is a dreadful affliction and causes nothing but heartache to you and those you love.  But we can minister to your needs in a practical, caring and sensitive way.  You have solutions through the bible and God’s word.  If you pray to God that you no longer be tall, and study the Bible, through continued therapy here, God could perform a miracle and you could be of normal height.

But you need to come to an understanding of God’s word on height.  You need to be educated.  You were not created tall.  God created us all for normal height.  Being tall is not an acceptable lifestyle in God’s eyes.”

“But what if it doesn’t happen?  What if God does not perform that miracle?”

“My poor boy, if God does not so bless you, you can refuse to act out your tallness.  A scooter or hoveround is available to you or even a simple wheelchair, and you can continue in a life of sitting.”

“Well, ah, thank you Dr.  Oh, and good luck to your wife in the elections.”

“Thank you, we are both very proud of our job creator here.”

The Eroticist

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