To Be A Gentleman

I am a highly sexual, sadistic, Dominant man.  I am willing and able to engage a consenting, informed, adult partner in extreme forms of sexual activity, and sensation play.  I am willing to engage them in humiliation and embarrassment, I will use insulting descriptions and speak in the foulest of language if that is their desire.  I will engage informed and consenting friends in order to present to a partner more complex forms of safe sexual role playing.

But underneath all of that, enforcing every element of what we may do is the core intent that I will treat them with respect.  I will work to be informed of their desires and the emotional and historical elements that have brought their desires into play.  I will accept that what they express is their considered and honest intent.  If they wish, no matter what their biological state might be, to be treated as an animal, piece of furniture, or member of the opposite sex, if they are, for no matter what length of time, my partner, that is how they will be treated, because, unless they show me otherwise, they are worthy of that respect.

Because of this, some would question if I am a sadist (say that when I have my whip in my hand, pilgrim), some would call me a service top.  Personally, I would strive to be thought a Gentleman.

The Eroticist


  1. Natalie

    I’m curious about the distinction you seem to be drawing between “sadists” and “service tops.” What you describe is what I would say is the premise of all adult sex, and certainly you fit the classical definition of a sadist (one who takes sexual pleasure in inflicting pain upon others) as far as I know. How would you say people characterize a “sadist” as opposed to a “service top?”

  2. As it has been presented to me, there are two possible distinctions of “Sadist”. The classical is as you stated above. But that pleasure, as I understand it, can come from two directions. My pleasure comes directly from the strong response of a masochist, one who takes sexual pleasure in receiving pain from others. Others take their reward from the suffering of one who endures that pain for the sadists pleasure, that pain being specifically something they do NOT intrinsically enjoy for themselves. As an avowed sadist of the second type once told me, “You are not a sadist. You like to please Masochists. You are just a very nice man.” So be it.

  3. bj

    This has been such a refreshing post to browse. i only know One Man who follows your same opinion. i never open a car door, which sounds trite, however it’s funny how i’ve sat waiting, and watched the driver get out and stroll to the entrance while i sit waiting. LOL
    i have a post that reads “your little princess, is My little whore” which sums up who i am and what makes me tick.

    thankYou for this site… it’s a pleasure to surf through it.


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