What I Really Want?

At this unfortunately late stage of my life, I have finally come to the conclusion that if I don’t tell anyone what it is I want, I probably won’t get it.

That seems like a simple concept, but it is not.  Because what we really want is usually embarrassing, shameful, childish, unacceptable to everyone including ourselves, hidden and unacknowledged for most of our lives.  It is not something that is easily expressed.  Beyond that, when we attempt to think about it rationally, the chances of getting it are really close to nil.  But the trouble is, if we do NOT think about it, become comfortable with it, and express it to the benevolent universe, the chances of getting it are totally nil.

So, to the Universe, I would like a woman around half my age, give or take 7 years, intelligent, creative and talented, bi-sexual, deeply submissive, extremely passionate and sexually adventurous, classically masochistic with intense reactions to stimuli, tall, of appropriate weight, large breasted, natural or otherwise, with a good fashion sense, who enjoys public play, and could be Asian but with long hair.

Not too much to ask, is it?

The Eroticist

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