Hands On Training

There are very few things as relaxing, comforting, warming, and erotic as a massage, full body, deep tissue, rolfing, foot, hands, or just the common sholder rub.  Parenthetically, I must say, from the experience, the process of being rolfed is not necessarily relaxing nor erotic, but the immediate result quite often is.

A personal and caring massage is a wonderful gift to give to your lover and it is definitely worth knowing how to do well.  But this doesn’t mean you need to study anatomy and muscle structure or strange practices of the middle east.  The quickest and most enjoyable way to learn how to give a better massage is to get one.  So, with the heartfelt intention to become a better lover, find a high quality local spa, and pay the money.  Hey, it is for a good cause.

Go EARLY.  Take your shower.  Sit for a while in the jacuzzi or hot tub.  Wrap yourself in those nice fluffy white robes.  Sit in quiet or soft music and wait for the delightful personage who is going to lay hands upon your body.  Listen to them.  Pay attention.  NOTICE what they are doing to you, and how it makes you feel.  Learn and remember.  Then, in a few days, do a little shopping for the scents and oils, pick some good music, and make your first attempt.

I know, you won’t get it completely right.  Not to worry.  Go and take another lesson.  It is worth it.  Spend the time.  Nestling yourself into the arms of someone you love who has been brought into a state of sensual relaxation by your own hands, is a truly delightful place to be.  And chances are, they will wish to find a way to express their appreciation.  Isn’t that what it is all about?

The Eroticist

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