Poker Chip of Delight

In yesterday’s post I mentioned a book I was reading of short short erotic stories.  I read one that just electrified me.   It is called “Wonderland” by Madeline Elayne.  I do not want to give it all away, but it shows the incredible creativity of a loving submissive towards her Domme in rewarding hard work by paying with poker chips.  But what can be bought with the chips is the shopping trip in Wonderland.  Toys and the use of them, a piece of rope, fur lined handcuffs, and the favorite vibrator with a little tag, “climax included.”

How charming, what a delightful way to find the excitement, the joy, the erotic, while at the same time saying in a fun and cheerfully clear way, “Come here, I want you.”  As I told Ms. Elayne, it is an idea I mean to steal.

The Eroticist


      • Bwah, hah, ha. I am now your crazy stalker, NOW look what you’ve done by tracking me down!

        Well, if you really mean it, he thing that would make my NEXT week the most would be for you to make someone else’s week. Next time you find an anthology you really like, and a story that tickles your fancy, take the time again to let the writer know how much you enjoyed it. Erotica short stories pay peanuts, (seriously, not even coffee money!) We do it because we love to write, and because everyone once and a while someone like you reads a story and loves it, and sometimes they even let us know!

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