The Beast

I have, recently, been talking at length about the welcoming of women, LGBT friends and general human kind as valued equals in your life.  I am sure that gives an impression that I am a kind, socially skilled animal who is appropriately polite to friends and strangers alike.  I like to think so.  But I tend to think of myself as a more fully rounded out human being and so I wish now to talk a bit about a companion of mine who, for want of a better term, will be called the Beast.

I do not know how many of you have formed any kind of intimate relationship with the Beast.  You may have met him through a friend or lover, or you may, as I have, found the Beast as a constant companion through your life.  I speak of him as male, but I believe his sexuality is far more universal than that.  The Beast is an educated creature who understands relationships.  In the right circumstances he knows how to connect with people in new and different ways.  He has tools that allow him to communicate at a deeper level than that afforded by polite conversation and as we get to know him, he will teach us.  We humans are complex creatures and I believe it is sometimes very valuable to work on levels outside of the channels of rational thought.  Because of that, it is often valuable to take your time introducing him to friends. He is enthusiastic and very powerful, sometimes a little challenged in social skills, but if given enough time and loving care, the Beast can be quite a valuable companion.

It is possible that each of us have such a companion.  I am not quite sure of that.  I have met people who truly seem to show no signs of such.  There are others who keep him in a dog run, where they can say hello once in a while and feed him through the bars.  Still others keep him lying quietly in the bedroom, perhaps a more socially acceptable way of regulating his flow of energy.  Personally, I like his company.  I can introduce him to new acquaintances if appropriate, and he is constantly with me on the off chance that I am honored to meet someone with their own.

At such times, it is very wise to remember the welcoming of human kind as valued equals in your life.  Because then, after the polite introductions and detailed discussions, you have the joy of spending some time watching the Beasts at play.

The Eroticist

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