The Erotic

As I wish to emphasize the Erotic here and in my life, I think it is worth while to concentrate periodically on what seems erotic to me. The scene in “American Beauty” filmed by the character Ricky Fitts (Wes Bently) of a piece of paper tossed by the wind.  The smell of night Jasmine after sunset.  The walk of a confident woman.  A long pleasurable sigh.  Really fine wine.  Iced cream of almost any mint licked off of a lover.  Sunlight through autumn leaves.  Watching people so engaged that they know of no one else’s presence.  Older couples dancing well.  The smell of the first summer shower.  The feel of clean sheets on a cold night.  The idea as you lie on the floor of an Aspen forest, that each tree is connected and you are in the embrace of one huge being.  Clear Dark Black Sky at night.

And as always, any healthy human who is aware of their sensuality.

Please, this is your opportunity to contribute.  What is erotic to you?

The Eroticist

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