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I was pleased to be given an advance copy of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s new book “Women in Lust“.  It is a book of short stories (readers here will know my love of the medium) hovering around my chosen theme of the BDSM lifestyle as seen through the eyes and hearts and lusts of women (oh my).  As a disclaimer, I should mention that I was asked to be part of the virtual Book Tour, and this is my day.

While a few of the early stories give an impression of being more about what the author would wish would happen rather than that of which they had experience, there were some that really hit the note.  Lucy Hughes’s “Bite Me” just made my jaws want to clench.  Biting is a favorite sport of mine.  Amelia Thornton on a picnic wearing “Something to Ruin”.  Aimee Herman’s “Ode to a Masturbator” with touches of wish fulfillment inspired by a view through a window.  Jacqueline Applebee’s beautiful “Orchid” on a woman’s desire that her vanilla partner be far more flavorful and his enthusiastic exploration once he knows.  Then Donna George Storey’s lovely tale of the last day of a vacation, and the fantasies and realities of a discussion with the Chef who is so good at creating “Comfort Food.”

Wishes and thoughts, ideas and machinations of women in the throws of lust, for men or women, release or adventure, be it to take or be taken.  It was an enjoyable and recommended read.  I include the link to Amazon, but presume it can be purchased through other dealers as well.

Remember my recommendation.  Read aloud to your lover, ideas will flourish.

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