Pay Attention to Me

I am sure that there are times when every writer wonders who is listening.  When I sit down in front of this judgmental keyboard I hear the editors behind me commenting over and over about how this or that might offend, or turn off a reader.  Intimidating.  (The man desires a woman so much he edits who he is so as to not offend the possible audience he does not yet know.)

An interesting blog from Seth Godin.  He speaks about how “in a world where everyone can have their own YouTube channel, ten blogs and a thousand email accounts… the only thing that’s scarce is attention.”  (The lover wants the attention and so tries to change his product to match the market.)

As the good Dr. says, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

The analogies are jumbled, metaphors mixed, but the point is all you have is who you are.  You are unique beyond all reasoning, and that is all you have, so show it.  No matter who that might be, I can guarantee that many will be offended.  But some will listen.  Some will pay attention.  Those are the special ones.  Those are the ones with whom you can make a difference, and the ones who will make a difference to you.

The only tools you have are the ones within you.  As Seth says, “In a world of surfers, all you can do is work to make the best wave you can.”  Pay attention.

The Eroticist

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