Why a Daddy?

In FetLife I saw the following as a statement on being a Daddy.  I thought it a good description which struck some notes within me.

“Make no mistake – this is fantasy, not reality. I do not wear a suit every day. My life isn’t cast in black & white, sepia and lens flares. This is an ideal – the world I would create if I had the power to do so. The secrets are the best part.

Here’s how it works: You tease and I take. Why Daddy? Because some girls never grow out of wanting to be protected and some men never grow out of wanting to protect. Because being naughty is still fun. Because we should never be too old to play. And because I like pretty little things.”

The first important note is that much of what we do in erotic play is fantasy.  This is play, this is imagination, it is our lives as we might wish it would be in erotic moments.  The Lord in the mansion on the hill with a staff of hundreds all naked and locked in fetish gear and constantly open and lusting for him and his friends, the teacher who can actively respond to or draw out the sexuality of his students without fear of damaging them or his career, or the Daddy who nurtures and protects his “little girl” who, in turn wishes to show her appreciation in all sorts of wicked and kinky ways.

[I must say here that I am speaking of what I see as healthy imaginative play.  To emphasize that, I wish to draw a firm line between this and imagining your “little girl” as one of an illegal age.  There is a worthy discussion on the subject of imagining your “little” as a horny passionate 15 year old when she is actually above the legal age, or imagining her as far younger (a little squigy for me), and I am aware that there is a large area of infantile play (also a little squigy for me, though as I understand it, it does not involve sexual play).  But this currently is not the place for that discussion.  Perhaps later.  Request if interested.]

The second appreciated note is that the tease is a playfully withheld offer.  Yes, you are going to get it, if you play the game.  We both know that.  Yes, you are the one with the authority I have given you, and because I have given it to you, you can just take.  But where would be the fun in that?  Where would be the fun if I could not tease?  Remember…play.

The next is that some girls never grow out of wanting to be protected and some men never grow out of wanting to protect.  What I enjoy may not be what you enjoy and that is just fine, thank you very much.  If I enjoy something, it is far better when I find a partner who enjoys its counterpoint, yes?  (Or as a good friend oft repeats, “neh?”)  That is something to remember when you see that incredibly attractive person you imagine would be the perfect partner.  Ask and ye shall learn.

And always remember, being naughty is fun, as long as you are naughty together with the purpose to please and affirm your chosen partner, and there is no reason on this Glorious God’s Earth to believe you are to old to play.  Our styles may change, but when you stop playing, you are dead already.

Finally, I wish to give thanks, most truly and sincerely, for I too, most passionately and appreciatively, love pretty little things.

The Eroticist


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