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I have been thinking recently about two things I enjoy besides submissive masochistic women.  These are photography and doing my obsessive strange string things.

But here is the question, and truly, it does require comments.  This format makes it very easy for me to post photographs that I enjoy, and images of my art, but other than giving you a slightly better view of me and my joys (which I do suppose has its erotic elements), is this the place for it?  I can easily make some additional pages and post the stuff, but will it be a distraction?

I would love to hear thoughts.

The Eroticist


  1. rita

    this is funny…i just left off writing you a message, and in it i asked what you did other than writing and speaking ….in the next email i open…this! yes yes yes….not a distraction, rather another way for us to see you….it will add depth without disengaging mystery…

  2. It depends on what you want to do. From a professional perspective, my advice would be to keep this blog focused on a single topic. I would recommend hosting a separate page for your art. Tumblr.com is an excellent place for this sort of thing, with excellent sharing functions.

    It is obvious your readers wish to experience more of what you have to say, which is excellent—but I feel that posting it all here dilutes your message. The result will be that the only people who follow this blog are people who are interested in you personally. If you keep it focused on the BDSM-related posts you have been posting, your audience becomes “people who are interested in BDSM,” which is a much larger audience.

    Likewise, if you post your photographs and handcrafted art on a separate location, then the audience for that becomes “anyone who is interested in looking at pretty things,” and in both cases you will reach more people.

  3. My feeling is that I’d love to see your art here to the extent that it is germane to some other topic, which you are posting about. I am not especially interested in posts that are nothing but photos or other artwork.

  4. I want to thank everyone for their comments. Taking them all to heart, I will follow the advice of Malgayne, a person I respect highly, and begin a new blog for the photos. Once it is established, I will definitely post word here.

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