Food and Company

The consumption of food within the context of good company is something worthy of celebration so much so that it is in and of itself that celebration.  When given the hospitality of friends, it is a good thing to return the favor by hosting a meal for them.  It is a pleasure of mine and what is this blog about but finding moments where you can share pleasure.

After the astounding day at the Art Institute, I returned up north to the home of a treasured and dear friend.  He suggested that we head out to dinner and he knew just the place.  I commented that my buds were asking for either Asian or Seafood, and he just quietly smiled.

My friend and I had talked about ways to make additional income in our advancing years and I had mentioned that I was reading a lovely book by fellow blogger, Chris Guillebeau.  In it he talks about how you have to first find out what you are good at.  Now I like conversation.  (Duhh.)  But I enjoy, and have the ability or gift, to engage almost anyone in conversation at any time.  Right after being sat at our table (at Bob Chinn’s in Wheeling.  I would link to their site, but I continue to get a Google Malware warning when I go there, so be careful) we were continuing the conversation when an attractive woman walked by.  I immediately commented to her about lovely hair.  Yes, an object of great admiration for me.

That comment lead to further conversation, and that lead to other people joining, and discussions of why I was there, and on into Dominance and submission and great interest from a particularly attractive blond waitress who unfortunately was unable to attend the convention.  (Sigh)  But when we were finally able to get back to our originally conversation, (over the blue crab claw appetizer with garlic and cream sauces.  HA, eat your heart out) the question came up, well OK, I am good at this, but how do you make a business of it.  The answer to that has yet to come.

Good food and random conversations continued throughout the evening, grilled salmon with the addition of a lobster split between us and several glasses of the house white, then further conversations with several members of the staff ending with a long conversation with the owner at his table filled out the evening, except for one piece of absolutely luscious chocolate cake which I must say, lasted through three meals over the next few days.

Tomorrow we get to Bison.

But why do I mention this other than to get you all to envy my gastronomic delights?  Well, actually, that is reason enough, but I return to practice.  There are a vast number of people around you who would be delighted and honored to share a small moment with you.  There is joy in this world that is truly infinite, free and open to share and each moment you can do so is rewarding, sustaining and nurturing to both you and the people with whom you share.  As I said in my very first writing on this blog, it is not so bad out here, and it is FREE.  Not a bad deal, eh?

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