Behind Closed Doors 2

Today was a busy day with shopping to re-supply the apartment, auditions for the Santa Barbara Art Association (they like it, so I guess I am an official artist now), and dealing with a back in spasm due to the 10 hour drive, but I wanted to quickly mention how much I enjoyed my time at Behind Closed Doors with the Baja Arizona Leather organization.  I want to thank all the people who present an event like this, particularly Jefferson James and Angel for their hard work through some difficult situations doing an event in a hotel that is in the midst of massive construction.

There are others that I want to thank particularly, and I will discuss many of them in more detail in later posts, but for now, my strong and sincere thanks go to Reba for her continued assistance and truly fine evening Saturday, Krystal for a long discussion about communication and deep points she allowed me to make, Tiffany who was willing to listen to a long discussion on transexual issues, and Deserae for a truly wonderful dinner and evening of conversation before it was rudely interrupted by a rather aggressive six legged creature of astounding speed.

More on all of this later, but I have to put away groceries and make myself dinner.

The Eroticist

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