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Hmm, where did I leave off.  Ah, Saturday night’s party.

It was a club slightly different than my experience.  The play-space was medium in size with what almost seemed a gallery (I did not say peanut) near the entrance where many members sat and watched the goings on.

The scene I had with reba was very enjoyable and highly occupying.  I use that term because for the life of me, I could not tell you anything else that went on between other people playing that evening, even though they were not more than fifteen feet from me at the most.  My concentration was on Reba.  Since I have not talked directly with her about her comfort level with my discussing our play, let me just say it was highly enjoyable, wide ranging, and ended with her and I lying on a sofa, her in my arms, just cuddling and relaxing.  A very good evening.

Sunday, however, was not as relaxing.  I do not mean that it was negative in any way, but since I had my own demo to do, and another given to me only 3 or 4 days previous, I did have some concerns.  However, reba was there to assist and contribute, which she did intelligently and beautifully, both in the Spanking Demo and in the Communication Demo including lovely artwork on the white board.

At the end of the day we heard a humorous and insightful end speech by Master Skip.  The link is to his bio in the SouthWest Leather Conference website.  It is an organization with which he is intimately connected.  SWLC, by the way, is an incredable leather event to which I have gone for the last 4 years and plan on continuing to attend.  It is an event which can show you the incredible spiritual connections possible through BDSM.  It is to be witnessed.

Now I did not wish to drive home some ten hours beginning late in the day so I stayed at the hotel as the other attendees left for home.  I had occasion to have a lovely long conversation with Tiffany at the front desk who appreciated, I think, my thoughts on transsexuals and their concerns and experiences.  In my personal opinion, as anyone who has read this blog knows I am free to express, she did an outstanding job three weeks in to employment handling a large convention entirely on her own in a hotel dealing with massive construction and computer cliches, with little or no support.  Good Girl.

Her final gift to me was a very good restaurant recommendation where I met Deserae, a charming waitress working the bar who took my flirtatious advances in stride, and even included a LONG conversation about Shades of Grey, BDSM, submission and Dominance until we were rudely interrupted by a two and a half inch cockroach (sans antennae) that crawled up onto the bar and looked to me for a drink.  He was far to fast for my napkin, however, and the mood was entirely broken.  Sigh, ah well.  The food was good.

But all in all, the hotel for the weekend was excellent, even with the struggles, Ernesto’s service in the restaurant was superb, the event was outstanding thanks to Baja Leather, my presentation went well with thanks to Reba, and fun was had by all, including the cockroach.  (The cockroach was brought to us by a different unnamed establishment, I should say.)

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