Hysterical Literature

It is difficult for me to describe with to anyone in any believable way how important it is to me that my partner cums.  I do not mean, “Oh, that was nice”  I mean totally out of control complete out of body, move to exhaustion or loss of consciousness cum.  I mean women who just hear it saying, “Ah, can I have one of those?”.  I have said, here I think, that the greatest complement I ever received was when I was asked, “Please, don’t make me cum again.” The issue, obviously is that it sounds like a line.  “Yea, babe, I like it when you cum.  Wanna fuck?”

But here my concentration is on the erotic, so I include a link to a YouTube search.  Just down the list you will see something called Hysterical Literature.  I am not sure of the reason for the title, do not find it particularly funny, and would object to any connection to the more Freudian concepts of “Hysterical”.  But personally I find it one of the most erotic displays of feminine behavior I have ever seen.  Watch them quietly with someone you love.

The Eroticist

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