The Balance of Control

I feel I am being repetitive, so assume this is coming from the DRD or Department of Redundancy Department.

“It is My Way or the Highway.  I am the Dominant here.  I make the rules.  You submit.  I don’t want to hear your opinion.”  Well, that makes things easy.  You do what I want, only what I want, and I don’t have to worry about your needs or desires or character as a human being.  You act purely as a reflection of my needs and desires.  In other words, “ON YOR NEES BICH.”  Hopefully I emphasized that enough.

Well, as the good Dr. says, “How’s that working for you?”

I am a strong willed, intelligent, talented, sadistic Dominant man.  I desire a LOT from a woman.  I expect her to be highly sexually responsive.  I expect her to cum for me often, easily, repeatedly, and as I desire.  I expect her to be communicative, introspective, motivated, and intelligent.  I expect her to be loyal, and yet willing to explore a vast area of sexual expression under my direction possibly involving other people.  I expect her to have many interests that do not duplicate mine and expect her to openly share those interests with me so as to broaden and expand my world view.  I expect her to enjoy and respond sexually to a vast array of extreme physical sensations (yes, pain).  I expect her to respond in an overwhelmingly positive manor to my displays of Dominance, both in the bedroom, discretely in public, and as a teacher.  I expect her to learn my desires and advise me as to ways unknown by me which might fulfill them more easily.  I expect her to expect, no, demand the best of me, open communication, equal respect, great care and understanding as a member of our relationship of equal value to me in every way, though of widely differing roles.

That is a lot to expect.

At my advanced age, I freely acknowledge that this description cannot fit the vast majority of people on this planet.  So, what do I do?  Do I find a woman who is so desperate for care that she is willing to do anything to be in a relationship?  Do I then tell her that this is the way she will act or the relationship is off?  After all, I am the Dominant, aren’t I?

This is a description of an unsustainable and possibly abusive relationship that I feel is unrewarding for any party.  So again, what do I do?

I believe that what I want is what I deserve.  I am honest about it, and am willing to state it.  If I have an opportunity to discuss these issues with anyone in whom I have interest, I do so.  And if she feels honestly that this is not the kind of relationship she desires, I wish her well and give her a caring good bye.  I do not feel it is necessary to change what it is I desire nor what she desires.  What I wish to do is communicate honestly.

So, as many know, I currently have no partner.  Some may laugh at this.  “Well, no wonder, you egotistical Bastard.  What do you expect?”  Well, what I expect is that if it is meant to happen, it will.  If it does not, I will still be honest to myself and honest to my friends.  But if I am lucky I will meet someone who willingly chooses to explore an informed partnership with me.  When that happens, the partnership will be one of mutual value, mutual respect, widely divergent roles, and great joy.

May I wish you the same.

The Eroticist

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