Good Wishes and Culinary Eroticism

The Holidays are here and for most of us there will be a great deal of happy feasting ahead in the next few weeks.  Good food and good company, be it a broad collection of family and friends or one or two particularly close and interesting new friends with whom you have spent a most enjoyable evening through to morning, makes for a warm and comforting atmosphere, an integral ingredient for eroticism, in my opinion.

Saturday was an interesting night for me.  I am an actor by trade and my favorite role is that of Charles Dickens most popular character, Ebenezer Scrooge.  After the performance, and quite exhausted, I was welcomed at the home of my oldest, and the following morning I was taken off to their recent discovery, The Original Pancake House in Redondo Beach.  While the time should not be labeled erotic, it was a moment between close friends and I wanted to mention it for those people in that area of Southern California who wake, or at least get out of bed after a, ahem, strenuous evening, and wish to have a truly delightful breakfast.

We were served by Rocky, a charming, but no nonsense woman who knew exactly what she was doing and appeared with refills and any other side requests we mentioned quickly, accurately and with an open conversational comment.  A waitress who knew what service was all about, something thing that pleases me greatly, as you know.

The food was outstanding, but I do warn you, if you go there alone, be prepared to take some home, or share if you there are more of you.  The portions are large.  It ranges from standard breakfast fare to more complex pancakes, crepes, Dutch Baby’s and egg specialties.  The potato pancakes were just excellent and served with applesauce and clotted cream.

It is a chain, by the way, with many locations throughout the country, so if you want a super breakfast, look them up.  The one I attended did not serve dinner, but I do not know about the chain as a whole.

I do not mean for this to be a food blog, but at this time of year, good company and good food seem to go together.  An early moment of food and joy before parting for the day can be a very special time.  Special company deserves special times and special food can certainly make the moment.

I will be off to spend Christmas with my youngest son in Austin, Texas this year, so I will not be writing here until 2013.  While I could do it on my Droid, I fear my thumbs could not take it.  So I wish you all, great happiness, lives of loving kindness, courage to withstand the trials of life with an open heart, eyes to find the beauty that constantly surrounds us, and the wisdom to give that which all of us have in abundance, our own love.  Happy Holidays.

The Eroticist

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