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I will be going back to Chicago, July 10 to the 18th.  I am greatly looking forward to my visit.  I will be there to speak, perform and pontificate at Mistress C’s Exxxotica Dungeon for the three days of the convention. But it is my home town and where I lived for the first 20 some years of my life, and my greatest joy with be the time I will be sharing with my oldest friend and most excellent tour guide, OWS.

I greatly look forward to watching the excellent eye candy, speaking with old friends, meeting new, but I will be looking forward most to the time I will spend with OWS.  He has been exploring major new elements of his life and relationships and I am deeply proud of the courage I have seen in his commitments to growth.  See, even us old fucks can continue to broaden our horizons.

I will do my best to bring announcements and adventures back here to share.  Every time I go to an event like this I learn, some about others, some about techniques, but mostly about myself.  It will be an interesting time for my growing relationship with my puppy bear.  Unfortunately she will be left home, and that will not be easy on her.  But I am very much looking forward to bring home stories for her.

So come with, enjoy the stories, and see if our horizons can expand together.  I hope you will not be too bored with the excellent menus and museums, but Chicago has an abundance of both.

The Eroticist

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