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I am now in Escrow to buy a house.  It is not the first house I have bought, but it is my first house.  As my wife said a month back, when she bought her house, “This is the first house that will be all mine.  I expect to die here.  It will be exactly the way I want it to be.”

It will be an adventure.  The geometrics of it all, the reality tunnel, will be unique and incomprehensible to me.  But in a very real sense, that is the way of life.

Look upon a lake at night.  Watch the reflection of the moon.  No one in existence has ever seen or will ever see what you see.  The entire universe is conspiring to bring that to you, to give that beauty to you.  Respect it, and say thanks.

The Eroticist

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  1. I wanted to look at the lake three days ago. Madison, WI has two major lakes, Mendota and Monona—-the moon was over Lake Monona, nice and beautiful…..the simple art and gracefulness of nature is enough to say thanks and being gracious to accepts nature’s beauty.

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