The Powerless Dominant, and a Kiss

I want to talk about a kiss.

As I am a heterosexual man, I will talk from my point of view but it can be between any two people.  Understanding that, close your eyes, quiet your mind, breath, and let your mind remember.  Remember the smell of her, her breath, the warmth as you approach her mouth, how her body feels and moves within your arms, the first touch of her lips, how those tiny muscles move as you lightly touch her lips with yours.  All your attention is right here, right at the point of touch.  All your senses are alive at this moment, at this point of touch, the warmth of her, the smell of her, the taste, movement, sounds and REALITY of her.

I want you to remember how she reacts to your movements; does she open at the touch of your tongue?  Is there a deeper breath or a sound as you move into her?  How does she RECEIVE your kiss?  Does she confirm your actions, does she submit to them.  Because that is what it is all about.  You are kissing her.  She is receiving your kiss.  You are acting upon her and she is showing you by her sounds, breath, and movement that she is accepting your kiss.

Now obviously, this action, this acting upon and receiving acceptance can go both ways and can even change back and forth in the midst of a kiss, but my point is that this kiss, and in my opinion all human sexual activity comes in this form, one person acting upon the other and the other accepting that action.    I will go a step further and say it is my belief that all forms of human sexual activity have this element of one person dominating the activity and another allowing it or submitting to that dominance.  It is play, back and forth, tumbling above and below, taking action, being acted upon, taking control, giving up control.

OK, OK, I can hear all the chairs suddenly move back as the human rights activists rise to their feet in indignation.  “HA, the male Dominant forcing women into SUBMISSION.”   Ah, well, I kinda like that, but what I need comes when it is NOT forced, when my partners willingly allow it, choose it, and desires it from me, for my Dominance can go only as far as the woman is willing to submit.  Ever try to French kiss a girl who does not want it?  It is a good way to get your tongue bit and a great way to end a relationship.

Dominance can only go as far as the submission allows, no further.  LOL, so who has the power, Buckie?

The Eroticist

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