THE Reflex

I am a great appreciator of receiving oral sex.  I am an even greater appreciator of a woman who works hard to do it well and…shall we say, “completely“.

Two thirds of the demographic who have attempted to learn the penetrative oral art have run into the gag or pharyngeal reflex.  Any gentleman who has aggressively encouraged their partner to experiment to any depth, has, in all probability run into a possible result of that reflex.  It is to them that I wish to speak.

Be kind, gentlemen.  Having your lap presented with a loved ones immediately consumed meal is at the minimum, an embarrassment for your paramour, and quite possibly a mortification to the extreme.

Now is the time to be calm, kind, and understanding.  Assist with the clean up.  Complement your partner on their wish to please and efforts beyond what was currently possible.

Be a gentleman.  For truly I say unto you, if you are a dick, it will be a long time before you find yours in as pleasant a place.

For the ladies, here is a caring group of females discussing the issue and here and here are decent short articles from the feminine point of view.  For the gentlemen, I suggest here.

The Eroticist

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