Before clicking around on this post, you had best know that the links are VERY NSFW. (I have tried to unlink all that no longer function April 2023)

This past weekend, immediately upon my return from Austin, I was invited to present at Exxxotica LA.  For those who do not know, it takes place in the LA Convention Center and is FILLED with Eye Candy.  I was in a relatively large area with my friend Mistress C and given the opportunity to talk to the attendees and participants about the BDSM lifestyle and show them some minimal forms of play.  Obviously, since this huge room was full of young ladies who emphasized the Erotic, I wandered through the room informing them of what I was doing and invited them to come and visit if they were interested in play.  And several did.  Oh yes, several did.

There were dance poles placed in strategic locations all through the hall.  I began conversations with many of the dancers and was able to show them that their dancing could be far more interesting if they incorporate a pair of handcuffed into their routine.  Many were quite thankful for the additional photographers and tips.  (By the way, before anyone places handcuffs on you, ask to see that they can unlock each cuff before they come anywhere near you.)

Some additional friends I was glad to see, the phenominal Nina Hartley, a dynamite presenter in all things sexual and BDSM, incredibly knowledgeable on safety issues; the intelligent, personable and incredibly erotic Belladonna, with whom I share a movie credit (though unfortunately not in the same scene), doing some routines worthy of Cirque du SoleilShay Fox, one of the most striking women I have ever seen, even in a room filled with such eye candy as Exxxotica LA; Prinzzess who just makes me want to bite that piercing; and Marcia Shanahan, in house sales rep for Wicked Pictures who takes a mean spanking.  I was also able to meet and gain new friends from both in front of and behind the camera.

I wish to personally thank the beautiful, young and most erotic ladies of Burning Angel, particularly a young girl named Krissie Dee.  An avowed pain slut and quite obvious cum slut, she offered herself to my Oh So Gentle hands.  She was tied, flogged, whipped, and received the touch of the Dragon’s tail.  (If you have questions about these, just ask.)  Through it all she quite loudly climaxed 5 times.  (It is a wonder the opportunities a rope dress affords) then she, with Sally Sparrow, friends and coworkers returned on their next break for additional gentle caresses (and climaxes, some of the most intense while having a rope dress UN-tied) later in the afternoon.  A delightful time was had by all.

I was asked by an observer, “So, do women just come up to you and ask you to do that?”  Oh, we should all be so lucky to have responsive, receptive partners just come up and ask.  I told him that I had been learning my craft for 20 years, and spent special attention to observation.  That means observing how what you do affects your partner moment to moment.  It is of vital importance and is a study worthy of constant attention.  It will pay you back a hundred fold.

The Eroticist

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