Sharing with My Partner

There we are, sitting on a bench by the beach, or in a restaurant, hips and shoulders touching, hands, maybe on each other’s leg, looking at the people walking by.  Close, being with, sharing with each other who we are.  Friends, bonded, partners, willing to spend the time to be with one another.  Willing to spend the time to BE.

“Oh, look, sweet pea, what a babe, LoL, and nice shoes.  The guy ain’t too bad either.”

“He has a great ass.  Does he get you wet?”

“She probably likes to spank him.”

“LoL, You’re the one who wants to spank him.  Or get spanked by him.  Hmmmmm?”

Sigh, “Yea.”

“OK, maybe you both can do it.”

“Spank him, or you?”

“Naa, I get to spank both of you.”

“Aw, you just want to see us both naked.”

It doesn’t matter at all if that is your real intent.  It may be, but it could just be your shared fantasy.  Each of you sharing with the other erotic ideas, the warmth of you, laughing, just a touch of what excites you.  Sharing, that is the important thing.  Each knowing the other has desires, and taking faith, and confidence in that sharing with the one you love, bringing you closer, you and your partner.

The Eroticist

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