The Kiss, le deuxième

Watch her.  Examine her face, lips, eyes, cheeks, hair, ears.  Do not touch, not yet.  But step in.  Be there.  Be Present.  This will never happen again, never the same way.  This is a moment to experience.  Come close.  Do not lean, stand tall, know who you are.  Closer.  If she backs away, follow.  If she approaches, pull back.  It is you who controls this.  Hold her eyes.  Know yourself.  Be Present.  Use your Presence.

Now, touch.  But not her face, do not touch her with your hands, do not reach.  Just move into her.  It might be a leg, or perhaps your hip or belly, perhaps your chest on hers.  Your lips are always last.  Except perhaps your teeth.  BE there, be conscious.  This will be excellent.  Feel everything.  Slowly move in, let more and more of you touch her.  Until you feel her breath.  Still, watch.  Does she close her eyes?  Don’t, not you.  Be Present.

Move your head closer, your lips just millimeters from her skin.  Let them feel her warmth.  Feel her.  Does she open for you?  If so, just touch her lip with your tongue.  Be conscious of her.  But not now, no kiss, not yet.  Find her neck, slowly, that warm place just below her ear.  Breath on it.  Give her the warmth of you, your presence.  Be aware.  No hands.  Your presence.  Your mouth.

Now open.  Give her the warmth of you in a soft sigh as you press your lips to her skin.  Taste her, smell her, bring her into you.  Know her.

Then slowly step back, keeping your eyes on her.  Watch her.  Look at what you have done, with your presence.

The Eroticist

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