Cum on, Women 3, Men 4?

In an article I read yesterday one of the reported misconceptions about men and women was the following:

4. Women have far fewer orgasms than men do.

Well yes, I knew that was wrong.

“…In a study published in the book “Families as They Really Are,” (W.W. Norton and Co., 2009), researchers asked more than 12,925 people about their sexual experiences. They found that women reached orgasm only about a third as much as men during first-time hookups, and only half as often as men during repeated hookups. But in committed relationships, women has orgasms 79 percent as often as men….”

Wait a minute, they are saying the misconception is that women had far fewer orgasms not that they had fewer.  In committed relationships, women still had only 3 orgasms to men having 4?  This does not follow my experience.  Now I am presuming that the study did not involve separate incidental masturbation, which would skew the results from my experience cause it may involve orgasms where I was not present.  But in my experience, women have the capacity to have from 3 to 10 times as many orgasms as men.

I am not using this forum to state that I am such a great lover, but I do enjoy it when my partner has an orgasm.  I tend to promote it, when possible.  What I am asking is, Why Isn’t That the Norm?  Women have the capacity, there is no question about that.  So why do they report having less then their partners?  I am forced, I fear, to the conclusion that, Guys, we have to work on something here.

I do not believe that in a caring sexual relationship between mentally and physically healthy adults it is incredibly difficult to assist in stimulating a woman to climax (pause) repeatedly.  I believe that it is, or should be, something enjoyed by both parties.  I believe that joyously involving yourself in promoting your partners orgasm is something that reflects rather well on you and promotes a return endeavor.  So, what is the problem?

Comments are certainly welcome, because I do not understand this one.

The Eroticist

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