Loving to Distraction

Ever made love to someone on the phone?  No, I am not talking about phone sex.  I am talking about the game of beginning those aggressive caresses while your partner is on the phone to their mother, or boss, or very vanilla friend.  You know, when they give you an insistent frown and mouth the words, “Stop It!” while lightly slapping your fingers.

Perhaps you are already heavily into the wet and wild, and you break, suddenly remembering a question they asked the other day, say about Marxist philosophy, and you had an insight you wanted to impart as they continued moving their tongue in that, um, delightful way.

Sometimes it is not directly doing what you want to do, but in adding that strange juxtaposition of contrasting behaviors that makes doing what you want to do so much more, well, more.  Sometimes a little distraction in your distraction can be a very good thing.

I am not really talking about coming into the bedroom in full regalia as “Cowboy Bob”, ready to ride the range.  That is really for another time, isn’t it.

The Eroticist

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