Sexual Secrets, Let’s Share

What is the value of a secret?

You sit with business associates in the bar as your wife approaches.  You stand politely, she comes to you and whispers a short greeting in your ear before sitting and joining the company.  A scene repeated thousands of times through out the country.  But what she whispers is not.  “I am here for your service, my Master.  Use me for your pleasure.”

Or perhaps you know that buried inside her is a small vibrating egg whose control is sitting in your pocket.  Perhaps it is as simple as the tiny tattoo nestled in that soft spot between her belly and her right leg, a tiny mark which signifies your ownership, or that her left nipple is recovering from the new piercing you watched her receive.

Perhaps it is just some piece of knowledge shared between you, a phone call to call out your name as she cums to that new vibrator you got her.  Whatever it is, it is that secret that is shared between just the two of you, a bonding that confirms that there between you is something real, something special, timeless, affirming, now.

The Eroticist

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