Beginning again

First of all I would like to thank my loyal fans for their patience over this long hiatus.  Packing up a residence of 18 years for as many as 6 people and moving to a location of indeterminate size was and is a monumental endeavor.  My computer did not survive the move unscathed, and so required a further delay.  January is at an end, the snow is off my site, the Holidays have turned to anticipation of Hearts, and we are looking to the beginning of Spring.

The unpacking of boxes and more importantly the finding of appropriate locations for the contents thereof is far from finished, but a rudimentary work place and a functioning computer exists so the mind is drawn to the discussion of things Erotic.

In contemplation I am surprised by the feeling of comfort it brings.  Current times have been stressful beyond measure and the quieting required to reflect on things erotic is quite soothing.  It brings to mind gentle times in a large blue chair with my arms around pleasant company, or those moments after making love, or of after-care when one can relax into a time of union with another.

While there is still much to be done here, and time for writing will be somewhat slim.  I am glad to return, and wish all of you many times of quiet and not so quiet erotic joy.

The Eroticist

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