Opposites Detract

So many things have been going through my mind these last few days.  Relationships, desire, faith, my mind, the mind, gratitude, quantum physics, manifestation all floating together in one huge unformulated mass (mess?).  How it will all come together, or even whether or not it should, is still a mater of internal debate.  Do not look for conclusions here.

As my children will testify with a sigh, I have had a long standing fascination with the pragmatic consequences of quantum physics.  On even the most cursory investigation it is obvious that what we observe (an interesting phrase within this context) on a quantum scale is absolutely counter intuitive and at odds with what we see around us.  On what we may call the quantum level of existence, the subatomic scale, things do not work or even exist in any way similar to how we observe reality on a day to day level, or the macroscopic scale.

Material objects can exist in two places at the same time.

Nothing exists, no-thing exists, Mu has substance.  That is recursive to the absurde.  Nothing…is real.

Observable material objects come into existance from we-don’t-know-where and disappear into we-don’t-know-where all the time and we have no concept of where we-don’t-know-where is.

Interacting with an object will materially affect another object with which it is totally impossible to communicate.

If there is a possibility of something existing or not existing before being observed, then it exists and doesn’t exist at the same time.  [For a truly scientific (ahem) explanation of that conundrum, actualize Schrodinger’s Fridge.]

Moving on to the double slit experiment (worthy of a repeat here, and here) observing something materially affects it’s effect on the world.  I repeat, observing something, understanding it, coming to a conclusion about it within your own mind, materially changes the way that seemingly seporate object interacts with  everything around it.  (As a caveat, I must bring up the issue that in order to observe anything you interact with it.  In other words, while our means are now far more sophisticated, it is still like reaching out and touching something.  Observing is inseparable from interacting.)

To me, this borders on the inconceivable.  Doesn’t it imply that we are all, on some level, wizards that can change the world with our thoughts?  Well, not in MY life.  There is one hell of a lot I would change if I had the power.  Wouldn’t you?

But the quantum world is not some virtual reality that is separate from our every day existence.  It is, in fact, the foundation of it.  Wave and particle, vibration and substance, action and substance, force and object, conception and reality, observer and observed, the divisions seems to get foggy.

Which takes me to the more important question, who is the observer?  Where is the division between the I who observes and that which I observe.  What is observation?  Whew, that seems like an investigation that has no end.  If we break down THAT barrier, how can *I* know what *I* am observing anyway?

What if *I* am more than *I*, are we Wizards, who is thinking, the conundrum of desire, how do opposites detract, and what does all of this have to do with what is erotic.

Is all of this True?  Hell, no.  Tiz just me, folks.  The thoughts go on, and I will take a break and continue later.

The Eroticist

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