The Hangover?

I was reading a blog from earlier this month by my friend Ana.  She talks about being a bit hungover after an early play session with her on line Dominant.  While she did not mention the kind of play or the actions she undertook at his command, her reaction was one with which I am very familiar.

She talks about a waking with a feeling of nausea and dehydration.  Not the kind of feelings that prompt a loving and enthusiastic thank you to your Dominant.

Hydration is very important, particularly if you are going to undergo an extensive time of extreme sensations.  It also protects the skin, aids in repair, tends to lessen bruising, and, as Ana discovered, helps you feel a lot better the next morning.  So my first piece of advice is to drink a lot before any form of play and to have fluid easily available during.  NOT alcohol, which tends to DE-hydrate you as well as bring up some issues as far as judgement, which is not the wisest thing when you are playing in any of the (even slightly) more edgy forms of human interaction (particularly verbal play, might I say.)

I have remarked here about my thoughts on marks.  While I was not particularly attracted to them when I first entered this loving sport, I have been seduced to them through the loving admiration of many who wore them.  But they can be severe on dehydrated skin and obviously are due primarily to subcutaneous bleeding which comes from injury.  Need I mention that playing on previous bruises is not necessarily an intelligent thing to do, and should be discussed thoroughly?

Ana also mentioned that she had not eaten well since Friday, played Saturday, and woke up quite UN-refreshed Sunday morning.  So this piece of advice is particularly necessary for those of us who are diabetic.  (I have no idea if it is an issue for Ana.)  But a bit of easily digested food before, and some bars or fruit or candy available for immediately after is a good thing as well.

Obviously, it is necessary to have a full understanding of any current medical issues involving anyone with whom you are going to play, and that is not just important for the Dominants.  Imagine what it might be like being all lovingly locked in chains when something happens to incapacitate your Dominant?

The final piece of advice has to do directly with the morning after.  Check in.  Communicate.  With a bit of time under your belts, find out how everyone is feeling about the wicked evening before.  It is good to have some time to discuss what worked, what didn’t, what people were actually feeling when those sounds escaped.  But don’t wait too long.  Memories change.  So talk the next day.  It helps you learn each other and makes the possibilities of future good times more likely.

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