Who I am

I think it is time to say a little about who I am.  I am in a period of rediscovery, redefinition, an exploration of parts that have long been ignored.

I love the sexuality of women.  There is something there that astounds me, the willingness to share on levels that sometimes seem incapable in men.  That should be nurtured.

I will never grow old.  I do not want to die.

It is right to question, everything.  Questioned, examined, science is a path to God.

You are unique, but not separate.  Thoughts are real and have consequences even if you do not feel you “Act” upon them.  As there is little fundamental difference between matter and energy, there is little fundamental difference between thought, beliefs, and your reality.  There is a fundamental connection between thought and the world around us.

Our fantasies are never as complex and as magical as the world around us, therefore the world will constantly surprise us.  Let it.

Education is a worthy endeavor, but never forget that learning is a DECREASE in your available responses.

I will try to respect your opinion and understand that it is your truth, but do not ever presume to tell me it is MY truth.

There are more ways for humans to interact as loving, nurturing and supportive individuals than we can imagine.  Look for them, do not limit them.

When one gives me their respect and is willing to openly consider who I am, it obliges me to examine and look to improve myself.

The Beast is a powerful friend.  Do not tame him.

To assist in another’s growth, even if it is away from you, is a noble endeavor.

There is ALWAYS something more to understand.

Take time for yourself.  Eventually it will reward everyone around you.

To create something, anything, is better than almost anything else.  Let it out.

I love physical beauty, but Sound is an avenue to WORLDS.

You have the power to change your feelings.  JOY.  Look for what makes you happy, people feel it.

I do not want to feel alone.  But sometimes it is necessary.

The Eroticist


  1. We are all different , we all see life through a different glass if you will. Sometimes it is best not to question , let it just be a thought, or saved for a later date perhaps.
    Being alone at times can be good , gives one a chance to think , clear the mind , what your next move maybe.

    • I understand your thought on being alone, it is just that I feel the lack of a compatible partner very strongly right now.

      As for questioning, I do not mean to give the impression that I always question everything, there is much faith in my life in many directions, it is just that I do not feel the need to REFRAIN from questioning. Over a very short period of time I found myself moved from Los Angeles to Goleta and suddenly alone. I accept that it was meant, even though unplanned. There are too many things about it that tell me so, and with a smile I wait to find out the answer to…why?

      But when I am told things, how things are or how things work, what to believe, I am not one who feels that one MUST accept what I am told on faith.

      The Eroticist

      • My friend sometimes we make things more complex than need be. I am alone at this time , but I choose to be for what ever reason, maybe to gather myself my thoughts.
        Or maybe I am having trouble finding the perfect mate.
        Sometimes we set our standards so high they are not reachable , I am not saying that is your case.
        What I seek is not that hard or it would not seem to be , but you will know my friend you will see that look in her eye .
        So why are we alone now ? Are we searching for the wrong type of partner ?

        In my world the lifestyle one is willing to give her all , it is not about abuse as you thought in your reply to my Total power exchange , not that extreme.

        The female is willing to give so much , she is even willing to let you mold her , to fit your needs. It is not about being controlling , it is about being in control.

        So are you looking for the college professor , who is on your level, or has the girl who works at McDonalds never caught your eye , or maybe she did and you just let it pass , because she did not fit in the circle you seek.

        Do we want someone who truly cares what we have to say ? Someone who puts us first or someone who is going to be loyal ?

        More so , someone who appreciates the small things you do for her.

  2. I am reminded of a lovely quote from Zorba the Greek. While I disagree with the “weak” part, I have found great strength in women I know, but, yes, I do love them. “And as for women. You make fun of me that I love them. How can I NOT love them? They are such poor weak creatures, and they give you all they got.”

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