Bison and the Magic Women of Burning Angel

After taking some time off for family visits and the Olympics (Whew, Awesome), I am back to Saturday at Exxxotica.  Again, waking on that soft couch, OWS and I went off to an early lunch so I could head back to Exxxotica before it opened at noon.  He took me to one of those strange places that you may find in your life.  It was an area very familiar to me from living in the area for so many years in my youth, but so changed over time that it was dreamlike.  I remarked that it seemed like a new land by Disney.

We went to a quiet place (at least it was while we ate) called Montana Ted’s and I was told in no uncertain terms, that the Bison was the best thing on the menu.  While I can not testify as to the truth of that, it was excellent, tasty and far leaner than beef.  But it was far overshadowed by the Huckleberry Lemonade.  If you go to any of their outlets, I strongly suggest you try that flavorful drink.  It was excellent.

But the day moves on, and it was a long one.  Exxxotica that day ran from Noon to ten PM and the energy, if anything, was more intense than Friday.  The Dungeon, except for some moments when there was a major stage presentation going on, was packed.  The riggers were working overtime, and the audience was captivated.  In a moment between attending to volunteers myself, I began a conversation with an attractive young lady who was watching a friend being bound up ready for suspension.  Her name was Rizzo Ford and her bound friend was Sidney Scarlet from the Burning Angel booth.

My long time readers may remember my mentioning a delightful afternoon with Krissie Dee from Burning Angel at the Los Angeles Exxxotica.  I have to say that my experience with these delightful young ladies has repeatedly shown me the overwhelming magic that can occur with a responsive, erotically masochistic woman.  To my way of thinking, they are gifts from a benevolent God.  These two beautiful angels of Saturday did not disappoint in any way.

Let me describe the moment is some detail.  We had a certain level of casual communication for a while, before it turned to things more erotic, and the subject of sensuous direct hand play seemed to come up.  (Gee, I wonder how that happened.)  I seem to remember having an opportunity to show Rizzo my Wartenberg pinwheel.  While running it slowly across her flesh, I was able to talk softly in her ear as my other hand moved around her neck.

I have large hands, but there is a caveat here.  Breath play of any sort is not recommended for anyone, experienced or otherwise.  (I include a definitive article by Jay Wiseman, a former ambulance medic, law school professor and current expert witness on BDSM matters.)  But my hands are large enough so as to close down on the Sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle (Yes, I have a copy of Grey’s Anatomy) giving the feeling of a strangulation hold without closing down on either the Carotid Arteries or the Larynx.

As I held this lovely lady leaning back against my chest, my other hand closed down upon one soft breast, tightened, and the fingers curled inward so as to push my nails directly into her flesh.  In response, this truly lovely woman began to breath more rapidly, her legs began to shake, and finally she shared with me a full climax.  It is difficult to describe in words that give it justice, but the experience is, even in memory, a moment of supreme pleasure for me and I am eternally grateful to any woman who is able to share that with me.

The day was made almost surrealistically memorable as we sat and watched her friend Sidney being finally untied and she asked what had happened to Rizzo.  Well, what am I to do but teach?  And Sidney responded in exactly the same way.  Oh, be still my heart.  There are few pleasures that can equal it, two intensely erotic. beautiful young ladies, offering themselves up to my hands to freely and thankfully climax within my arms.  I am a very lucky man.

Finally there is Sunday, and a very special blond woman who had a great deal of difficulty holding a vibrator between her legs.

The Eroticist

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