Sunday, Connections and the Woman

Sunday at Exxxotica!  Saturday was exhausting not only for the ten hour length of the non-stop day but for the heart pumping excitement of the crowds, constant opportunities to talk and teach and demonstrate differing techniques with Happy Volunteers, all of whom left happier than they came, which was a delight to see.  But a long day it was, so Sunday, the last day, there were many people with faces that displayed a bit of fatigue behind the desire for another exciting day.

There were contests on the main stage, and a phenomenal display from my friend Belladonna’s Arial Silk “Cirque De Bella”.  Yes, folks, I was actually in a movie with the wonderful woman.  Her athletic and artistic Silk performance is a joy to watch, and in an event like Exxxotica, I have never seen a woman who is more open and friendly and willing to give her fans her sincere smile and time.  She is a joy and I am proud of her.

But the dungeon calls, and I was listening.  I do not know when the young lady arrived, but she was tall, blond, and interested.  She came with enthusiasm and desire and wanted to experience it all.  We talked for quite a while, and I brought out a large collection of my toys for her to pick.  The first was a small cylindrical vibrator with rather blunt spikes all around.  This was placed in an appropriate location to pass on its vibrations through her jeans, and she was asked to kneel on a bench.

There was a flexible paddle, a crop, a dragon’s tail, a whip, a wheel, and two knives.  Add to that my hand and nails and…why was the vibrator on the floor?  I thought I put that….  OK, I put it back, and after checking with her that she was ready, I started with spanking.  She seemed to quickly go into a space of reception, every time I checked in with her, she just gave me a smile and reassurance that all was well, and I was free to go further.  And I did, gleefully.

But there was that vibrator again, rolling across the floor.  Dangerous thing, that.  So I asked one of the riggers to come over and tie the damn thing to the bench, placing the beautiful young woman appropriately down on it, we continued, it must have been close to half an hour before I got to the knives.  All attitude there, running the point over available flesh, holding the blade to the neck, just for that moment of connection.  The convention is not a place for blood play, and that takes a lot of negotiation and discussion of safety issues, but the point, the sounds, the placement, can create an atmosphere for a connection which can be quite intense.

Of all the people I met there, she was the one most willing to allow, to connect, to be in the space where things can really happen.  It was a joy and honor to play with her, and I would again in a minute.  I saw her several times again over the rest of the day, asked her how she was, made recommendations for care, and eventually introduced her to the two lovely ladies I played with on Saturday over at the Burning Angels booth.

It was a great weekend, and the high definitely continued for the next 36 hours.  I was glad to be there.

The next event for me is Behind Closed Doors in Tucson in Mid September.  I hope to see many friends there.

The Eroticist

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