Death of DOMA, and work to do.

There are more words to say about this momentous decision than are in my ability to write.  Most will be said in interviews and blogs and tweets.  But the most important will be said between committed couples who now can feel that their commitment to each other is considered as true and valid and as important to be supported by our Federal Government as any other.

This is an incredibly important day.  I have seen the views of homosexual relationships go from a perverse and degraded sickness played out in semi public bath houses to the understanding that they can be deeply committed, lifetime relationships worthy as examples of what caring love can be.

I have lived through interesting times.  But, honestly, we have much work to do.

My thoughts travel from the rights of homosexuals (both male and female) to my feelings on women’s rights.  In my benign state of ignorance I had thought that question to be primarily settled.  Yes, I know.  Still, there were issues of positions of power, and equal pay, but major issues such as the right to vote, the acceptance of women being the financial supporter of a marriage, and the obvious movement of women into positions of influence seemed pertinent to me.

But the knowledge that women, after having the courage to report bing raped, undergoing the additionally invasive procedure of a “Rape Kit“, having those kits left untested for as long as Twenty Years and the perpetrators of those rapes allowed to be free to rape again, leaves me with the feeling that our country, as far as equal respect between the sexes, has progressed little beyond the Taliban.

OK, we have work to do.  But perhaps today we can sit and smile and understand that one major step has been taken to make this country truly a country of equal rights for all.

The Eroticist

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