Exxxotica Chicago

I am heavily into prep for my trip to Chicago.  Three intense days at Exxxotica with my friend Mistress C, followed by a week wandering my old home town with relatives and fond friends both old and new.  I will try to inform you all about the happenings, but I will probably not tweet and photo it all.  I will be far too busy actually doing things rather than telling you about them.  There will be enough photographers there for all.

I just finished packing up my tool chest, fur and feathers, leather and metal, both the soft and sensuous as well as the hard and serious, thuddy and stingy.  I am bringing my new lightweight Violet Wand which, if the tips make it through the flight, should be a colorful addition.

If you are able to attend, look me up and say hello.  I am easy to spot at 6′ 7″ tall.  It is a wonderful time, and I particularly look forward to meeting and playing with my Chicago friends and meeting more.  I hope whatever you are doing, it is a time of joy and beauty, excitement and affirmation for you all.

The Eroticist

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