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While I often wander around the convention hall with my single tail and handcuffs, cracking as sort of a “Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Thy Dungeon is open for the Interested”  The best time of all is spent in the play space talking to people who have serious interest and explaining, in a small part, what we do, how we do it safely, why we enter into these kinds of relationships and what we feel is important.  Unfortunately it is also why I have little voice at the end of a three day weekend.

I was given a lovely present by Mistress Cee this year.  A video was taken of a short scene of mine with a lovely girl in blue shorts.  Obviously I offer it to you here.  You can hear that to a great extent, you can not hear, thereby extending the deepness of my voice.  But I can tell you that I was honored many people in their requests for a small bit of my attention.

I mention one because of particular significance.  She expressed a desire to experience a higher level of pain than most beginners and so I spent some time discussing things with her.  We played for a bit involving a rather severe small hardwood paddle, and since she was rather small, I had to adjust her position by taking hold of her shorts at the belt and lifting her body into a more appropriate position.  The paddle leaves some rather significant bruises of a particular sort, somewhat like opposing parentheses “()” with a white space in between.  But, obviously, only if used at a level high enough to leave such bruises.  After the scene we had some smile worthy cuddle time, and I presume and sincerely hope she went away happy with her experience.

Another significant aspect of that scene was that it was observed with great attention by another young lady while she was being tied up and bruised by another artist at the convention.  There will be a great deal more about the results of that observation, but that will come later.

Suffice it to say at this point that Saturday was an interesting day filled with several quite pleasant opportunities to educate, good discussions and demonstrations.  It was an eleven hour day, filled with great fun and new friends.

Much more to come.

The Eroticist

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