Tomorrow, and the Game

As many of you know I have been in communication with a truly delightful young girl who is quite close to my heart.  Since we are both quite distant right now, and because we both are highly sexual creatures, we often play quite serious sexual games over the phone.  As many of you also know, I take great joy in demanding, delaying, and increasing a woman’s eventual climactic release.

So, I was instructing her in how to stimulate herself with the overwhelmingly handy Hitachi Magic Wand.  My purpose in all of this was to give her one hell of an incredible orgasm, but as you will see, things did not go as planned.  You see, I was driving from LAX to Santa Barbara, a drive that can take two hours.  We were talking all around the subject until I finally instructed her to go lie naked on the bed, turn on the Magic Wand, and do as I instructed.  This involved light taps on her clit, some exploration with her fingers, and then a few longer periods of holding the vibrator on her clit.

I noticed at that time that my phone battery was not taking a charge from the car charger, and was soon to die.  Taking this as an opportunity, I told her to keep the magic wand where it was, and I was going to get another battery out of my suitcase (I did know exactly where it was and had already parked the car) and hang up to change the battery.  I then reminded her that she was not to cum until I told her, and emphasized that by saying if she did, I would hang up and not talk to her until tomorrow.  I then raced and got the battery, came back and heard the most delightful sounds of frustration vs. pleasure, and changed the battery.

She didn’t make it.  She came while I was off the phone.

Now I want to emphasize, failure was NOT my goal.  There are other situations when failure can be a reasonable goal, but that usually has to do with funishment, and not punishment.  We talked further (notice I did not say when I would hang up the phone), I expressed my deep sorrow (for as she correctly stated, this was a loss to both of us) and told her that she would call me immediately upon waking tomorrow.  Then I told her again that I loved her, and hung up.

I need you to understand that this was MY mistake.  My goal was to create a shared experience of an overwhelming orgasm.  I knew she came rapidly and was already in quite a state of excitement.  I thought she could last until I returned, but did not judge the time correctly.  It was MY mistake.  But I had said what I said, and could not talk to her through this day, and had ordered her to call me as soon as she woke up tomorrow.

However, I immediately texted her to say, “What is the definition of tomorrow?”  You see, here is the game.  First, I did not say I would not text her.  Second, is tomorrow after she wakes in the morning?  Could tomorrow be any time after Midnight?  Whose midnight?  She is in the central zone, I am pacific.  If she took a nap and woke up at 12:01 her time, that would be waking up tomorrow.  But she is very new to the lifestyle, and I wanted to give her a hint.  so I said, “What is the definition of tomorrow?”

But she went in a very strange direction.

“What is the definition of wake up?  u said as soon as i wake up tomorrow.”

“yep.  I have not defined it, so you can.”

You see, if a Dominant does not tell you clearly, you have every right to define it in the best way possible.  If she wants to talk to me, by the rules I set, she can take a nap, and wake at 12:01 her time (10:01 mine) and be completely within the rules.  But she went further.

“Who’s the dominant here?…”  Now that is a good way to tick me off.  “u gave the punishment.  you make the rules.  please clarify.”

I replied that would have to wait until I was not driving.  She then suggested that I call, she would not pick up, and I could leave a message.  I felt that was far to close to talking.  I told her that she was being greedy.

Then she left this.

“In any case, being as im so greedy, I will not text you or contact you until you are able to clarify my punishment.  its only FAIR.”

And by saying that, she had suddenly changed the rules of the game.  For there is no reason I have to explain myself.  I said what I said and told her that she could take my words and define them any way she wished.  I gave her the tools.  But now, she has upped the anti, and since I will NOT be calling her, writing her, texting her, or even posting this blog until well after she would wake tomorrow, let us see whether or not she will do as she says, and not text or contact me, or will she do as I said, and call me immediately after she wakes…….tomorrow.

The Eroticist

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