A Merry and a Happy

It has been a while since I wrote here.  I hope you are all well.  It seems that I am now settled in the Austin Area.  I have touched base with members of my family, have taken delivery of all STUFF (far more than I have any reason to have moved) and am deeply entrenched in the process of finding places for it all in a structure that makes a comfortable place to be.  LOL, that goal still seems far away.

But the move itself, as I suppose for many people, is a strange emotional process.  Of course there are the reviews of the place we leave, our friends, the ones we are glad to leave and the ones we wish to hold, the reviews of STUFF and why in the World we have kept it all for so long, and the fear and anticipation of what our life will be like in our new place.  For me this also included a drive through 35 years of my history from Santa Barbara to Tucson, flooding with memories both good and bad and an unfortunate and long distant good by to my friend BonB which was painful and not desired in any way, a moment of hopes dropping away.  But it reminded me of another moment in my life, a moment of cusp when things dropped away.  Within months my bird flew out the window, my cat went on a walk and never returned, and my dog died.  I thought that was enough to free me for whatever was coming, until my mother passed.  Swept clean.

So now it is again a clean slate, new beginnings, a new year.  The Holidays are upon us, for good or ill, and it is my fervent wish that all who read this see the beauty in their lives, have moments of connection with others that bring both joy and care, fill their hearts with loving kindness, and create passion for themselves and within others.  Be well, my friends, and take moments to share with those you meet.

The Eroticist

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