Late Announcement

I will be on Dr. Bob Rubel’s webinar this evening 6p Pacific (9pm Eastern).  You must sign up for the class, but they are free.

The subject is  “I want a Daddy” – Nurturing Relationships with Arach and Brett – What is a Daddy? Do Daddy’s play sexually with their little girls/boys? Is this incest or age-play? There seem to be a lot of questions concerning this structure. Daddy/girl relations are unlike Daddy/daughter relations that are unlike Daddy/little relations that are different than Daddy/boy or Daddy/boi structures. Join us as we explore some of these structures. We encourage your input if you participate in one of these forms.

I know this is a late announcement, but I hope to see you there.  You will even get to see my new haircut.

The Eroticist

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