The value of my partner’s passion

I am not sure the cause of this writing. Perhaps my 73 years, perhaps it’s being alone, perhaps being stuck in my house with no water and fear of power loss for the last 3 frozen days.

I enjoy strong sadistic play. I enjoy deep submission. I enjoy beauty. I enjoy pretty girls doing dirty things, particularly when they enjoy doing them with me. But what gives me the most pleasure by far is the overwhelming passion of my partner.

Some have suggested that I am a service top. I reject that. The deep submission of a young lady dedicated to me and our mutual pleasure is a goal for which I will fervently work.

Some tell me that stating the importance of sex in any relationship with me will convince prospective partners that I am just the usual dirty old man looking for a good deep throat and little else. I reject that as well. The power and reward of a deeply bonded relationship of negotiated imbalance and equal value and respect is not to be diminished.

But within all of this, what I really want to say is that my partner’s physical responsiveness and sensitivity is far more important than my own. I truly love large well formed breasts, but if the good lady can cum from stimulation, gentle or severe, of her nipples alone it is an overwhelming plus. If she can cum to a huge degree once, that is lovely, but 50 times through the day, that fills my heart. Knowing that I have created an overwhelming climax in my partner as much more important than cumming myself. I do not mean to say that I do not want a partner who dedicates herself to giving me pleasure, working to increase her ability and learn more techniques to cause me to cum often. But having her stand naked in front of me, legs spread and hands behind her head while I sit, fully dressed and slowly caress, toy, and enter, encouraging her fluids until she cums over and over, until she seriously can not stand it further (lol, though it is not her choice) is one of my greatest pleasures.

So if you feel that makes me just another dirty old man, Peace be with you. Find what brings you joy. Conversations welcome.

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