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In 2017 I began passing on what knowledge …


This is a follow-up to an earlier post, so do not think I am referring to commands given to someone who has given you authority.  Nope.  Tiz about Dinner.

Oft it seems that The Book of BDSM says a …

Punishing a Masochist

I have probably hit this subject many times before, but I was in an interesting discussion in a subreddit. It was involving the difficulties involved with punishing a masochist. I thought I would pass on some of the discussion here.…

Problems with online

I saw this post on Redditt and it brought a lot of thoughts to mind.

“So I’ve (23M) been dating this girl (21F) for about a year now. Our relationship has been a long distance relationship for a significant portion

Old Wounds

Haven’t posted in a while.  These are strange times in which we live.

I have been talking with a friend who is struggling through a difficult time in her M/s D/lg relationship.  We talked about forgiveness and moving past some …

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