I have just returned from a truly delightful weekend presenting for The Group In Fresno (TGIF).  I was able to meet many new and interesting people, including a lovely Dyke on a Bike, in inspiration for a Simpson’s Character, and a gentleman who proudly states his hand was broken by a kind lady’s internal organs.  (No, I will not explain that.)  The presentation began on Spanking, and went on to cover the far more important subjects of philosophy and relationships.  I saw an informative demonstration on cell popping and was able to assist in a wildly humorous, informative, and entertaining demo on How to Please a Woman (one of my favorite subjects).  The audience for all three were communicative, engaged, and experimental (particularly in the cell popping demo, they lined up almost into the hall).  I had a delightful time and made many new friends.  My thanks to TGIF.

This will be my last blog for a while.  I will be spending the next week on the road and will not be home to my computer until the 29th.  I NEED A LAPTOP.

The Eroticist

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