Chicago, Friends, Weather and Bruises

We continue onward.  After and during Exxxotica I was graced with the generosity of a dear friend, one I have known since College, who I will only name as OWS.  He will know why.  We spent the next week together when he was not at work and he very generously gave me his car for transportation.  LOL, well, I did need to drop him off and pick him up from work.

It was a week of exploration, lovely meals, vast amounts of Brazilian music, stories and LONG conversations.  It was an unequivocal delight.  One particularly lovely lunch we had was at Montana Ted’s.  While the food was good, as good as the company, I particularly want to comment on the service.  While some may expect service in a restaurant to be quiet, solicitous, and prompt, much like Downton Abby, and there certainly is a place for that, I tend to respond to a respectful and knowledgeable server who is willing to share their humanity with me, and the staff at Montana Ted’s did that in spades.  We had wide ranging conversations from service and customers, to the purpose of my being in Chicago and sexual education.  I even challenged our own waitress to come up with a question in my particular subject of interest and I was pleased and excited that it was a well considered one and she listened intently to the answer.

OWS and I talked excitedly with not only our waitress, but two others who were joyfully paired as trainer and trainee (something with which I can identify), and that day’s Manager, all of whom were friendly, smiling, interested, and with whom we had delightful conversations.  I am very pleased to say that OWS texted me a day ago saying, “Tiffany sends her greetings from Montana Ted’s.  She said the whole staff really enjoyed ur visit….”  What could be better?

While people and places were a particular pleasure for me, I want to thank OWS for his overwhelmingly exciting display of weather.  The days were lovely, warm, sunny, and fun, while the evenings, both my last Friday and Saturday, were filled with the most exciting Thunderstorms I could desire.  We spent one evening out in his garage so we could sit before the wide open door and watch the cells move by with intense and constant lightning, only to be followed by the display of lightning bugs coming out in the cooling air.  We do not have these in Santa Barbara, neither the cacophony of thunder and lightning, nor the bugs of child’s wonder.  It was incredibly nostalgic.

But there was another element of my Chicago trip to which I alluded and which needs further elucidation.  I mentioned in previous blogs a young lady who stated that she desired bruises on areas which were already bruised.  Because of this, and not because that was the most significant element of our time together, I will refer to her as “BonB”.

Though I had given her my card after our scene, I was surprised to get an email from her, Sunday night, I think, mentioning the bruises and acknowledging that I told her I greatly enjoyed cuddle time and saying she would love an opportunity to give me that if it was possible before I left.

In our discussions before, after and during the afternoon we spent together we spent a great deal of time discussing limits which was very valuable and important.  Penile insertion either vaginally or anally was not allowed.  Submission was not her direction (“I just don’t really get off on the whole ‘Sir’ ‘Master’ and ‘Daddy’ thing”) but she did enjoy being a highly masochistic bottom.  (For those who are unsure, a bottom is one who received sadistic play while not necessarily wishing to give over any authority to her “Top”.)  Finally she expressed herself strongly about being a little girl to a Daddy.  I think the word she used was, “nonsense”.  Another concern that came up was, “I really really don’t understand how a person could be a ‘good girl’ and a ‘powerful woman’ all at the same time. And I’m not sure I even want you to explain it to me- because I know that I am not willing to do it.”  Obviously she was, is and will be, a very powerful woman.

I can hear the laughter as she is reading this.  I will discuss a bit on how some of these expressed thoughts transformed in my next post.

The Eroticist

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