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So Exxxotica is finished, I am having a delightful time re-exploring my old home town.  (Raised from year 1 in the same house on the North Shore outside of Chicago all the way through my college years.)  I had a needed opportunity to see my admired and loved cousin and his good wife and I met up with three high school friends with whom I was VERY close through the High School years.  One in particular who I had wished fervently to jump the bones thereof.  Rested, enjoyed, and had a truly delightful time.

One particularly enjoyable afternoon was spent with the girl I call BonB, the reasons for that being in an earlier post.  She had written me saying she knew I was in Chicago for an additional week and she was open to getting together as she knew I enjoyed “Cuddle time” particularly after a scene.  Good, nice to get that sort of thing, and we got together for a bit of SM play and a vast amount of extremely good, wide ranging conversation.  We talked about each others interests, limitations, particular desires and approaches towards the world.  Limits here are particularly important, and if you do not remember, it would be best, for the purposes of the next two posts, to review her approaches to submission, being a little girl, and honorifics such as “Sir”, “Master” and “Daddy” and understand that she had a very busy schedule and her time was totally limited.  So it would be possible perhaps to see each other once, in the afternoon, but probably that would be all.  (Her laughter at this moment is beginning, along with a certain level of enjoyable discomfort.)

But to explain a bit about the dynamics between myself and this delightful woman, I should tell you about the third time we got together in Chicago.  (Yes, I did read the previous paragraph and realize the dichotomy between her stated lack of time she could spend with me and the following week.)  OWS and I spent an incredibly enjoyable afternoon in the Millennium Park area (which has changed radically in the last 40 years).  We walked through the towers of water, watched many young ladies getting extremely wet.  (A quality I greatly admire in a woman.)  And sat and napped with our feet in the water as a most beautiful moth rested on my knee.

The evening was spent at Pegasis Restaurant and Taverna on their their rooftop looking through the Chicago skyline where we had extensive appetizers and Greek beer and wine.  A bit later we were joined by BonB who I greeted by slipping my hands up the back of her head and tightly holding her hair while retaining her intense bright blue eyes before a kiss.  It was a good moment and set the tone of the evening.  We then retired to the table where I fed her whatever food she wished.  By the way, I mean that literally.  She never used a utensil.  That was pertinent at our next dinner, the fourth time we got together, and yes, I did read that paragraph above.

Conversation was casual and delightful, despite what my hands were doing under the table.  The food and service was excellent including a quite casual and humorous relationship with our waiter.  When the rain began, we sat and watched, enjoying it emensly, until BonB stood up, leant backwards over the railing and opened her mouth.  I can safely say it was to the delight of many of the observers thereof.

So where does this go, this seemingly momentary relationship with this delightful and most masochistic of women?  She is a strong willed woman, truly an enjoyer of life, with a strong sense of independence and little patience for submission, obvious verbal statements of respect, and a laughing acknowledgement that some people seem to like the Daddy/lg dynamic but “reeeeallllyyy?“, all dynamics that I respect and desire.  Sigh, ah well.  But I had to acknowledge that she was incredibly masochistic, which I enjoy, and an overwhelmingly competent communicator, which I respect as an absolute necessity.

Well, I did have to go home to Santa Barbara, and there was a difficult issue there.  Neither my cousin nor my good friend OWS could get me to Midway due to work and other commitments, and public transportation did require several different forms of transport and transfers and the expectation that it would take a very long time.  I hesitantly asked if BonB would consider taking me, and she immediately offered.  One very nice woman, that.  I am not sure how it came around, but there was also an invitation for Dinner with me and OWS that Sunday night before my Monday flight which was also quickly accepted, that being the fifth time we were to get together, paragraph above considered.

OWS outdid himself.  The dinner was exquisite, beautifully prepared and served.  The first of many amusing moments was when we sat down to eat and BonB took an inordinately long time to begin.  It was only after a long wait that it came out that she did not know if she was to eat or be fed, and was waiting for me to make the first move.  That went right by me I am ashamed to say, but was easily resolved.  Another quite pleasant moment involved whipped cream, berries, and delightfully naked breasts.  Fun for all.

Somewhere that evening I mentioned to BonB that, in fact, we would have to leave quite early to get me to the airport the next morning, and though I did not really know where we might sleep, it seemed appropriate for her to spend the night, if she was comfortable with that.  She replied that she had come with the full and complete expectation of sharing my bed and was prepared and to stay the night when she left home.

Yes, I know, the paragraph.  But a very good girl.

That night, the morning, and a parting gift will make up my next post.

The Eroticist

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